Academy Update February

Golf Academy and Redwood Canyon Update Greetings! It looks like the rain is beginning to taper off. Hopefully this will be the end and we won’t have to worry about water until the Spring runoff. REDWOOD CANYON Redwood Canyon was hit pretty hard by the storms. The San Leandro reservoir… Read more

Junior Summer Camp July 2016 Highlights

Highlight reel of our July 2016 PGA Junior Summer Camp session. The kids had a blast learning about golf, competing in athletic challenges, and getting out on the course. What a great session! Our next junior summer camp is in August. We also have a year-round Junior Golf Academy with… Read more

Nancy McDaniel of CAL Women’s Golf Interview

College Golf Advice for Juniors from CAL’s Coach Nancy McDaniel Coach McDaniel answers questions from our Junior Academy golfers about what it takes to play golf for one of the top Division I schools in the country. She offers advice for both junior golfers and parents about how her program… Read more

College Coach Conrad Ray of Stanford Interview

If you are a young golfer aspiring to play college golf, or a parent looking for insights into how to best help your juniors play at the college level, please listen to our interview with coach Conrad Ray of the Stanford Men’s Golf Program. var playerhost = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol)… Read more

PGA Junior Summer Camp Registration

Registration is Open for PGA Junior Summer Camps! Select Your Facility to go straight to the registration page on the PGA Junior Camp site: Redwood Canyon Golf Course Franklin Canyon Golf Course Watch the video! More Info about the Camps: REDWOOD CANYON We have camps almost every week of the… Read more

Eric Jones Golf Academy In Local Schools

Here’s a highlight reel from our recent visit to a local middle school, where we introduced golf to nearly 180 students as part of their PE class. They had a blast, and so did we. We had nearly 30 kids an hour for all six periods. We brought a blow-up… Read more

Course Management Benefits

NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE The best golfers in the world are also the best strategists. What they do better than everybody else is get the ball in the hole faster. And isn’t that the objective of the game? If you want to score you need to learn to do what… Read more

Golf in the Kingdom with Michael Murphy

Come meet Michael Murphy – the man behind Golf in the Kingdom – play a little mystical golf, learn about the confluence of sports, energy, and consciousness, and support Junior Giants baseball. Peacock Gap Sept 29th. It will be a unique experience. And isn’t having a unique experience what golf… Read more

Junior Golf Summer Camp Highlight Reel

This is a fun highlight reel of our junior golf summer camp. Here’s a highlight reel from our 2015 junior golf summer camp. The juniors all had a great time. Not only did they learn solid fundamentals (look at their finish positions and how well they control their club on… Read more

Junior Golf Academy Year-Round Program

How to Have Fun While Learning Golf We know that one of the most important reasons kids play golf – or any sport – is to have fun. The ideal combination is to learn WHILE having fun. That way they don’t even know it is learning. We refer to it… Read more

Junior Summer Golf Camps Top 5 Qualities of the Best Camps

What makes a great junior summer golf camp? Need a last-minute fun activity for your junior before the summer ends? Consider a junior summer golf camp at Redwood Canyon in Castro Valley (map). Golf is a great activity for kids because it is outdoors, there’s plenty of exercise, and it’s… Read more

SUNDAY SCHOOL at Redwood Canyon

Golfers who are committed to improving their game should join our Sunday School program. It’s a 2-hour session from 10:00-12:00 where you rotate with a small group through three stations with instruction. We’ll refine your technique, set and measure performance goals, and teach you new skills. Sunday School is a… Read more

CLINICS at Redwood Canyon

It’s no secret that in order to improve you have to practice. But not everybody knows what to practice or even if they are using the right technique. That’s why we’ve set up a series of low-cost clinics that address the most important shots in golf. Click the link to… Read more

Social Thursdays at Redwood Canyon

EAT, DRINK, GOLF Golf is a social sport, even though we play as individuals. Going to the range tends to be even more of an individual effort. Wouldn’t it be great if practice time and social time were combined? That’s why we came up with the idea of starting Thursday… Read more

Junior Summer Camps at Redwood Canyon

REGISTER for Summer Camps: HERE DOWNLOAD a flyer HERE. 2015 Junior Summer Camp Schedule July 20-24 Level 2 (age 9-14, new and intermediate golfers) July 27-31 Level 1 (age 6-9 new golfers) August 3-7 Level 2 (age 9-14 new and intermediate golfers) August 10-14 All Levels (age 6-14 new and… Read more

Junior Academy at Redwood Canyon

Register for the Junior Academy here: Redwood Canyon You can download the Junior Golf Academy brochure HERE. THE JUNIOR GOLF ACADEMY Our program has two simple goals: Teach juniors how to play the game, and teach them to love the game. The skills they learn will last a lifetime. Skill… Read more

Scoring Clubs Training

I put together this DVD training to help you score with your wedges from 50 to 125 yards. You’ll learn how to calibrate your swing length, how to determine your carry distance to the yard with all your wedges, and how to hit a 3/4 wedge shot (the one you… Read more

How To Make A Yardage Book

PLAY LIKE THE PROS with this step-by-step guide to creating your own PGA Tour-like Yardage Guide. Available on Kindle! We’ll show you how to capture images of any golf course from Google Earth, then paste them into the pre-built templates that come with the book. We’ll also share a few… Read more

4 Simple Stats Take Guesswork Out of Playing Better Golf

Getting better at golf shouldn’t be a mystery. Thanks to the introduction of recent technology – and in particular GameGolf – lowering your scores is easier than ever before with the help of four simple stats. One of the biggest challenges faced by amateur golfers is knowing what to do… Read more