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We have a wide variety or Adult programs for everyone from brand new golfers to social golfers to regular golfers who want to get better to advanced tournament players. Here are some program descriptions.

A. Get Golf Ready: The PGA’s premier program to introduce new golfers to the game. It’s 5 lessons for $99.00 for a small group (3 to 6 golfers) over a period of weeks, scheduled at the group’s convenience. Put together a group of your own, or give your name to Andy and as soon as we have 3 or more golfers you’ll get started. This is everything a new golfer needs to know, from a walk-thru of the pro shop to how to book a tee time to how to hold a club and hit a ball to how to get around the golf course with basic rules and etiquette. If you’ve never picked up a club before or maybe you’ve tried it a couple of times and want to get off to a good start the right way, this is the program for you. Send an email to Andy Morris at amorris@ericjonesgolf.com to register.

B. Clubs to Course: This is the next step for new golfers once they take a Get Golf Ready course. It’s four 90-minute sessions for a small group of 3 to 6 players for $149.00, with 30 minutes practice and 60 minutes on the course. The Get Golf Ready program will teach you how to hit the ball. The Clubs To Course program focuses on what to do on the golf course to play well and keep up the pace. Once you have finished this course you’ll be able to play with anybody, anywhere. Greens fees included. These will typically be late Saturday afternoons or Thursday evenings. The emphasis will be on course navigation (picking the right spots to hit to) and game management (picking the right club to do the job). Send an email to Andy Morris at amorris@ericjonesgolf.com to register.

C. Saturday Morning Clinics: Going on the premise that the best way to learn golf is from the hole backwards we have two clinics scheduled every Saturday morning. The first clinic at 10:00 focuses on putting, followed by a chipping clinic at 11:00. These clinics are for relatively new golfers and will be small groups of 3 to 6 players. In the putting clinics you’ll learn the correct grip, stance, and ball position. Then you’ll learn how to aim the putter, followed by the correct mechanics to make a repeating stroke that gets the ball in the hole. Once you can make a 6-foot putt you’ll learn how to cozy the ball up to the hole from farther away – 30 to 40 feet – to avoid 3-putts. The final stage is learning how to read the greens, judging break and speed. Cost will be $30.00, and you can register HERE.

D. Thursday Socials: Twice a month (usually the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month) we have a golf social. Socials are a mix of lite golf instruction with a fun event like wine or beer tasting, food tasting, or some other activity from a local business. These Socials are for the golfers who want to play better but don’t necessarily want to work too hard and want to keep the emphasis on fun. We’ll have games, contests, and prizes. Cost will typically be $30.00 for 60 to 90-minutes. To register please sign up in the pro shop or send an email to Andy Morris at amorris@ericjonesgolf.com.

E. Weekly Training: The next step up for golfers who want to improve is to attend our weekly training sessions. Training sessions are held Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings starting at 6:00 with a max of 12 golfers. These are 1-hour sessions much like supervised practice, only better. Each session will focus on one of the 5 keys shots in golf: Putting, Driver, Greenside, Scoring Shots, and mid-Iron approach shots. Training sessions are stats-driven, in that we see how many times they can achieve an objective out of 10 tries, like making a putt from six feet, and then train to improve the stats. Training sessions are $25.00, for your group $20.00. Training is a relatively new concept in golf, and we are eager to show you how fast it can improve your results. Send an email to Andy Morris at amorris@ericjonesgolf.com to register.

F. Sunday School: Golfers who are a bit more serious about taking their game to the next level will want to participate in our Sunday School program. These sessions run every week from 10:00-12:00 on Sundays for a small group of more committed golfers. The goal of Sunday School is to focus on all parts of the game to deliver lasting improvement. The way we do that is to rotate you through two to three stations during the session, with instruction at each station. Cost is $89.00 per session with a minimum commitment of three sessions. We’ve made it as flexible as possible so you can use your three sessions any time over a 3-month period. Send an email to Eric at ejones@ericjonesgolf.com to register. You can also sign up online HERE.

G. Private Lessons: We will always do private lessons. They are usually one hour. Included are private or semi-private lessons, as well as playing lessons on the course. These will be booked directly with the instructor depending on availability. Please contact Eric or Andy directly.


Our Junior programs are straight forward: Summer Camps, Junior Academy, and Private Instruction.

A. Summer Camps: We put on a series of Summer Camps which run one week, Monday thru Friday, from 9:00-12:00 for $199.00. We divide the camps into Level 1 (age 6 to 9) and Level 2 (age 9-14). Summer camps stress learning through fun – meaning that we have instruction, practice, and games at every station, with the games all designed to teach golf skills. Juniors will leave camp knowing a pre-shot routine, how to hit the ball, how to hit it toward a target, and how to hit it the right distance. They’ll also know basic rules and etiquette, and how to get around the golf course. These camps are not baby-sitting: they are the best in the East Bay! We teach them real skills and they have so much fun they don’t even realize they are learning. To register a junior click HERE.

B. Junior Academy: The Academy runs year-round. These are weekly sessions with a set schedule. Level 1 golfers age 6-9 are Mondays from 3:30-4:30. Level 2 golfers age 9-14 are Mondays from 4:30-6:00. Level 3 golfers are advanced, tournament, and high school players and meet on Fridays from 4:00-6:00. We have an open supervised practice session for all Academy students on Sundays from 3:30-5:30 that everybody can attend. Costs vary with the program and commitment term, which is usually 3 months or 12 months. Once a month, usually the last Sunday, we have an Academy tournament. Register a junior HERE.

If you have additional questions please send an email to Eric.

See you down the fairway!