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We borrowed the idea from the TV show and created our own version of “Biggest Loser” for golfers. Not to lose weight, but to lose strokes. Sam Chi of Castro Valley won the 2016 contest and took home a $1,000.00 grand prize check.

biggest loser golf contest winner Sam Chi with Eric Jones and Andy Morris

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Whether you are a fan of the show or not, it’s clear that participating in a contest amps up the motivation levels. Contestants in Biggest Loser work their tails off – literally – for a chance to grab the golden ring. And one of the coolest things is that every single person who participates loses weight. That means everybody wins, even if they don’t get the grand prize!
How would you like to participate in a contest where you win no matter what? Where the worst that could happen is that your game would improve?

Our first season was a smashing success. We’re taking reservations for the 2017 season that will kick off in the Spring of 2017. Registration is open.

biggest loser golf contest participantsThe contest will be open to adults only, both men and women. The field will be limited to 12 contestants. Just like the TV show contestants will have a limited amount of time – March through May – to achieve their goal and improve their game.

And also like the TV show it’s not so much who has the lowest score at the end. Rather the winner will be determined by the largest percentage drop in index, along with other factors. That way a 4-index player who drops to a 3 index can compete with a 24-index player who would have to drop to an 18 index to show the same 25% improvement.arrow chart how low can you goContestants won’t have to do it all on their own. One of secrets to success for the people on the TV show is that they have trainers working with them the whole time.

biggest loser chipping practice with Volvik golf balls 600Just like the show the contestants will work with our golf staff to train and work on their game. There will be two supervised practice sessions each week, on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings. At the beginning of the contest participants will go on the course for a complete game playing evaluation. At the end of the contest there will be an 18-hole tournament, and the winner will be announced.

Click here to REGISTER. For official rules and conditions please send an email to Andy Morris or call the Redwood Canyon golf shop at 510-537-8001×221