We provide game coaching and recruiting consulting along with academic curriculum mapping for juniors who want to play golf in college.

Our mission is to give juniors the best chance to get admitted to the colleges they want and to prepare them to be successful both on the golf team and in school from the moment they step foot on campus.

We teach juniors what they need to do to raise their game to a college-level of play, how to structure their high school academics and activities to get accepted, and how to navigate the recruiting process to earn scholarships.

The college golf landscape has changed. It used to be that the coach would teach their golfers how to be college players once they got to school. No longer. College coaches now expect kids to arrive already capable of playing at the collegiate level. That means knowing how to play longer yardages on more challenging courses, how to travel and manage logistics, how to compete over two and three-day tournaments, how to practice and train independently, how to balance academics with golf and their social life, how to stay fit, how to eat properly, how to rest and recuperate, and so much more. And we haven’t even mentioned handling the stress of competing at a much higher level against better athletes.

Our team fills the role formerly performed by a college coach.

Our program is unique in providing both golf coaching and academic coaching. Very few programs do both. We have a rare combination of golf expertise and college coaching experience that allows us to take an integrated approach to make students successful.

Our team’s experience includes play at the collegiate level, college coaching, Professional Tour competition, State, National and World Championship titles, and multiple PGA teaching and education honors and awards, including PGA Teacher of the Year. What that means for juniors and parents is that we’ve been there, done that, had success, and are in the best position to keep you from saying “I wish I’d known then what I know now.”

We have a college golf road map and a golf skills teaching curriculum. We’ll let you know what’s coming, what things you need to do and the time frame in which they should be done, and how to stay on top of the process.

We work closely with juniors and parents as a team to set goals and reach objectives. We’ll assess the junior’s golf swing, playing skills, practice schedule, academics, and interests. Then we match that to the best colleges and golf team opportunities. Then we create a multi-pronged action plan for both golf and academics, including tournament scheduling and high school academic curriculum mapping.

Our role is to be the junior’s pre-college Coach. We work with students on a weekly basis to improve their swing mechanics, their impact, and their shot-making skills. We take them on the course to teach course navigation, game management, and strategy. Throughout the process we introduce self-management skills and teach mental toughness. We structure their range time so they learn how to practice like a college student, how to train, and how to prepare for competition – all with a heavy emphasis on competition-based practice, which is the dominant paradigm in college golf. Students in our program arrive at college already familiar with college-style practice and training.

We also contact college coaches, prep recruits for college coach interviews, build their golf resume and player packet. Along the way students learn organizational skills, forward planning, goal setting and journey mapping. No matter where the path to college golf takes them, graduates of our Academy will learn skills and habits that will help them be successful the rest of their life.

We work with a very limited number of juniors – only students who have both the desire and the ability to play college golf, as well as the willingness to commit to the time, effort and resources it will require. That’s because we spend an enormous amount of time with each student over a two, three, or four-year time frame. We accept high school students or 8th graders who have graduated and will be moving on to high school.

Contact Coach Eric at ejones @ ericjonesgolf.com to schedule an interview