My review of GameGolf

I’m a big believer in stats. There is simply no better way to figure out how to best improve your game or how to measure your progress.

I ran a study to test the importance of knowing your club distances. We had 40 players of handicaps from 4 to 36. We used GameGolf to track three initial rounds to get a baseline performance measure.

Then we charted the carry distance for every golfer and every club in their bag.

In the third step of the study we sent golfers back out to the course to play three more rounds. The only difference was that they were asked to use their yardage chart to make their club selection.

The results were nothing short of amazing.

The average golfer improved their score by more than three shots per round. Our best student dropped her scores by an average of 14 strokes.

And the only thing that changed was knowing their yardage.

GameGolf provides the kind of insight into the way you really play that will make a huge difference in your scores.

If you are looking for a magic pill, the GameGolf device will fit the bill.