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  • Cure your slice
  • Stop coming over the top
  • Get more distance
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for Training
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Use for Full Swing, Chipping, Putting
  • Retail $89.95 ($79.95 with my discount)
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  • Easy to use
  • Works fast
  • Great for Training
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Fixes Club Path
  • Use for Alignment
  • Use on Putting Green
  • Use for Chipping
  • Retail $89.95
  • Click GOLF SLOT MACHINE for my $10.00 discount

Watch My Review

Every year I go to the PGA Show to find the latest and greatest training aids. I ran across this, the Golf Slot Machine. I was intrigued by their claim that it would help golfers “find the slot” to generate effortless power, distance, and accuracy. I spent some time with them in their booth and watched dozens of golfers of all abilities try it out. Here’s what I learned.

First, it works, and surprisingly quickly. Most of the golfers had the classic outside-in or over-the-top swing – the one that usually produces a slice. Following their 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 Step Process most of the golfers were able to change from an outside-in to an inside-out swing within a half-dozen to a dozen shots and “find the slot”. It was fun to watch their reactions when they finally “got” it.

Second, ease of use. The graphics on the Golf Slot Machine make it simple to follow. It’s not intuitively obvious at first where to put the golf ball and where to position the club. So their instructions could use a little beefing up. Some of the golfers struggled with that part initially. But once they were shown how set up and use it correctly, the graphics were easy to follow.

What’s important to me is that the graphics are simple enough to follow that I know my students will use it correctly when they are practicing on their own after I’ve used it with them in a lesson. Sticking with a training aid and using it consistently the right way is really one of the big keys to getting better at golf.

Third, quality. I like training aids that stand up to wear and tear. This is made from high-grade aircraft aluminum, with high-impact rubber sandwiched in between. I saw several golfers whack the training aid on their swing. One so hard that he actually bent the back piece. But the staff just bent it back to its original shape and they kept right on going.

Fourth, portability. If you have to lug around a heavy or awkward training aid the odds that you’ll bring it with you to the range go down. I like training aids that are light enough and compact enough so that you can carry them with you all the time in your bag. The Golf Slot Machine fits that bill nicely for me, because it comes apart and fits nicely inside your bag, and it is nice and light weight.

Fifth, versatility. Sometimes a training aid is highly specialized to help you produce one specific result. Some of them are really great. But I like training aids that are also versatile. I watched the Golf Slot Machine crew show the golfers how to use it to practice chipping around the green, working on impact, ball position, and alignment. They showed how it could be used on the putting green to work on alignment, ball position, backstroke length, and putter path.

Lastly, price. The Golf Slot Machine is at the higher end of the price range for simple training aids. But it still costs less than a typical lesson. And I think the added benefit of having the graphics, plus the ability to use it for putting, chipping, ball position and alignment make it a great value.
In short, I think the Golf Slot Machine is a training aid every golfer should have in their bag and use on a regular basis.

  PGA Tour player Chris DiMarco likes it too!

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