Sunday School for Adults

Adult Sunday School meets every Sunday morning from 10:00-12:00.

Each week we focus on building skills in the five most important shots in golf:

  • Putting (6′ to 8′ putts, and Lag putting from 30′)
  • Driver off the tee
  • Scoring Shots (full-swing & 3/4-swing wedges)
  • Greenside Shots (Chip, Pitch, and Lob Shots)
  • Mid-Approach Shots (135-165 yards)

These shots account for more than 80% of all shots you’ll hit on the course. When you get better at these shots your scores improve. Simple as that.

Every week we rotate through two to three stations focusing on these key shots. It’s a small-group atmosphere, so you’ll be learning in a social environment with friends. Sunday school is a lot of fun. You’ll get better, without a lot of stress.

You can come every week, or once a month. It’s just $89.00 per session.