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Our Junior Academy program has a simple goal: Teach juniors how to play great golf while coaching them to be outstanding young adults, giving them skills that will last a lifetime.

Skill Development: Learning golf is a gradual process of acquiring skills and then mastering them. Our program features a structured curriculum with a defined progression. We have goals for each level, and we benchmark (test) on a regular basis. Our curriculum is designed to take juniors “from first swing to college scholarship.”

We start with developing a solid foundation on the four fundamental aspects of playing golf:teaching-grip-1compressed

  1. Proper set-up and alignment;
  2. Learning to hit in the center of the club face (Center Contact);
  3. Learning to hit the right direction;
  4. Learning to hit the right distance.

One of the benefits of a year-round coaching program is consistency. We’ll cover putting, chipping, pitching, lob shots, bunker play, iron shots, hybrids and fairway clubs, and the driver. Juniors will learn how to hit and control every club in their bag. We’ll also help them develop a consistent pre-shot routine – the hallmark of accomplished players.

Program Types: We have three different program levels based on age (roughly) and more importantly experience level.

* DUCKS: For new golfers. The age range is typically 6 to 11 years old, with most in the 7-9 age range.

* FALCONS: for ages 8 to 13, with most golfers in the 9 to 12 range. Advanced beginners to intermediate levels.

* EAGLES: For advanced and tournament players, any age. Most Eagles are between the ages of 9 to 14. They are already playing on a team (middle school or high school) and in local and national tournaments. We place a heavy emphasis on developing the skills necessary to compete at a high level in these classes.

Skill Progression: In each coaching session juniors rotate through several stations to work on a variety of skills and shots depending on their current skill level. New golfers will focus on the basics – Grip, Alignment, Stance, Posture (GASP), a basic swing, and making consistent contact with the ball. But as they master the fundamentals their goals become more challenging: learning directional accuracy and hitting to targets, learning to control trajectory and distance, and then learning how to shape shots.


On-Course Play: At the core of the program is learning how to play, not just make a swing. In one of the sessions each 4-6 week cycle the juniors are out on the course (weather and course-availability permitting). On the course they learn how to score as well as etiquette and rules.

Learning to Play: Getting out on the course provides us the opportunity to teach much more than the swing. We discuss strategies for playing different kinds of holes and pin placements, and how to evaluate risks and rewards. We learn to evaluate the lie, stance, and conditions in order to make a good club selection. We take opportunities to hit specialty shots like bunkers, uphill and downhill lies, hitting from the rough, and more.

Life Skills: Being on the course also gives us the opportunity to teach life skills. We do that by focusing on etiquette, good sportsmanship, and the rules. We follow The First Tee nine core values of Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect, Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courtesy, and Judgment.

Safety: Safety is always our number one concern. Juniors must observe our safety protocols at all times. On the range they stand with one foot in the hula-hoop when awaiting their turn. They carry their club upside-down and only make practice swings when it is their turn to hit. On the course we teach them where to stand, how to be still when another player is hitting, and how to practice good golf etiquette.

Rewards & Awards: Juniors will have the chance to earn rewards and awards based on accomplishments and effort. For example, the 4-foot putt is a basic skill every golfer should master. Making 10 putts in a row earns juniors an achievement star. The big rewards come when juniors level-up by shooting 39 or better from the 100-yard marker (that earns them a yellow hat or shirt). Rewards and awards keep juniors motivated and are a visible sign of their accomplishments.

FAQs: If you have additional questions please feel free to contact Andy Morris at or 510-415-6302

Let’s Have Fun: We are passionate about golf, about teaching, and about having fun. Golf is a journey, and we look forward to helping your junior reach their dreams.

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