Hooray! You made it on the Practice Effect Collaborator list. Welcome!

This page has your instructions, the link to the book (as soon as it is uploaded to Google Drive), and some resources to watch if you’ve never commented on a Google Drive document. These same instructions will be appearing in your email as soon as the book is ready (about 8 weeks).

A couple of house-keeping notes.


Please read the book and comment as soon as you get the link.
The Practice Effect is a pretty lengthy book with a lot of ideas that will be new to you. We want you to think about what you read, so the collaboration window will be much longer – about a month. Be patient. It will be worth your while.


To make a comment once you have the book open, highlight a word, phrase, or paragraph. Then right click while hovering over the highlighted section. A menu will appear. Click “Comment” to open a dialog box, then just start typing.



Here are the types of things to comment on:

A. Typos, significant grammatical errors, etc.
B. Re-writes. Anything confusing that should be re-written for clarity. Anything you can do to help me understand why it was confusing to you would be helpful.
C. Anything missing. This one is a little trickier, but if you read a section and think “Boy, it would be really nice to know a little more about this.” then make your suggestion. The more specific the better. Examples would be great.
D. Images and graphics: did they work to illustrate the idea? I’ll be the first to admit that I am not great with graphics. I’m doing the best I can. I’m not looking for comments on every graphic. Just the ones that don’t work, or text that would really benefit from an image. The main thing is Did they add value and get the point across? If not, what would you suggest to improve it?
E. Things to ignore. Don’t worry about formatting, graphics that are out of place or bleed over the page, or similar stuff. I uploaded the document from Word, and Google Docs does not do a perfect job translating. It will all be fixed in the final version.
F. Ignore Links.

The links in the book are not set up yet. Don’t worry about them. They will all be set up in the final publication.


Leave a comment on Kindle.
Comments and 5 Stars are the best way you can help raise the visibility of the book on Kindle. When the book is officially published I will send you a code so you can get the final version at no cost. Once you have it, please leave a comment and 5 stars. It’s one of the most important things you can do to help.



practice-effect-paperback-w150As soon as the book us uploaded to Google Drive I will send you the link via email.

Thanks again for collaborating!

books @ ericjonesgolf.com

For some extra help you can watch these

Tips for Teachers: Power Commenting in Google Docs

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