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book-strategic-golf-game-management-249PLAY STRATEGIC GOLF: GAME MANAGEMENT is in the Author Revision stage. The book is completed and I am going through my final edits. Like the Play Strategic Golf: Course Navigation book you are invited to join the crowdsource team to collaborate as Alpha Readers before publication. Sign up below.

Alpha Readers will have a chance to provide their input and insights into the book. It’s a fun process, and of course you’ll get to see the book before everybody else, and get a free copy when it gets published. We’re about 6 weeks out from publication and about 3 weeks out from opening the book up for collaboration.

What is Game Management?

Game management means picking the right type of shot for the situation and then picking the right club for the shot. “Managing” your game, though, is about much more.
Managing your game is the art of balancing your capabilities with your limitations, allowing for your tendencies, and then making smart decisions within those boundaries. To manage your game when you play you need to know what shots you can hit, which shots are beyond your current skill level, and which shots carry too much risk of bringing in double or triple bogeys. Then you need to make smart decisions by selecting a shot strategy you can commit to with 100% conviction. game_management_shot_cone To manage your game over the long run you need to know which new skills need to be learned and which existing skills need to be improved. Then you need to prioritize where to spend your training time according to the skills that will have the biggest impact on scores.path_to_better_golf

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If you’d like to be a collaborator just enter your name and email in the form below. As soon as I upload the book to Google Drive for commenting I’ll send you a link so you can start reading and commenting.


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Eric Jones
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