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how-to-make-a-yardage-book-250HOW TO MAKE A YARDAGE BOOK is now live and available on Kindle. 

or Get the PDF version ($2.99)How-To-Make-a-Yardage-Book-Cover-PDF-webpage


yardage book pic 2a Have you ever wished you had a yardage book you could whip it out of your back pocket before every shot, just like the pros, and figure out exactly how far you need to hit it, what target you should aim at, and what club you should use?


When you make your own yardage book you can …

  • 006_google_earth_search_for_pebble_beach_golf_links_1aMake a Yardage Book for any golf course
  • Customize yardages for your own game
  • Identify key landing areas and approach corridors
  • keep notes about strategy and club selection

The book includes …

  • 040_Lake Arlington 2-tiered green hand finalStep-by-step instructions to create your own Yardage Book
  • Helpful pictures and strategy tips
  • Downloadable templates
  • Links to additional programs and tools

Not only are yardage books fun projects to make, they will be a huge boost to your confidence and consistency. This book will make it easier for you to play better golf. Order your copy on KINDLE today.

Here’s what one of the early readers had to say:

“Situations like the fairway bunkers in figure 2 are especially where my buddies would gather around my yardage book to make their club selection. No published course information provides the yardage and slope details like you do here. Everyone agreed afterward that one feels much more confidence in the selected club when you can look at detailed yardage (the yardage book) and actual conditions (the course in front of you) at the same time. And every instructor says that your confidence in the club you have chosen is crucial for proper execution. Also, even if the golf course provides a lot of detailed information, you can’t whip it out of your back pocket, flip to the hole, check it, scribble notes, and put it away in seconds while the player before you tees off like you can with the yardage book I made from the template. Such musings may be more appropriate in a review of the book when it gets published, but any detailed clues on the benefits and ways to use the yardage book will help beginners (like me) get the most out of the book. I can see now that the essence of what I have written here is already in the book, but I didn’t “get it” when I read it the first time through.
Perhaps the greatest gift the yardage book gave me was that it somehow cured my fear of going over water, gorges, and other hazards right off the tee. Until now, my success rate over a hazard right in front of the tee was probably only 10-20%. When I made the yardage book using your template, I was able to check the minimum distance to clear the water (hole #15 below) and other hazards and make my club choice days before actually going to the course. To my amazement, when a played a new course last weekend, I had absolutely no hesitation and my fear was gone! I cleared every hazard in front of the tees (two lakes, one thicket, two gorges) without thinking twice. Check out the images of Hole #15. My shot was the second best of eight people. A week ago, I would have rejoiced just to make it over the water. Thanks!!!”
See my actual results here -David Fowler


One of the most interesting aspects of writing this book was the final editing process. Rather than go the traditional route of hiring a professional editor we used “crowdsourcing.” Crowdsourcing involves inviting many people to contribute to a project. We do it online, thanks to ever-evolving advances in online technology, namely Google Drive and Google Docs. These tools allow multi-user access to an underlying shared file, with commenting and editing capability, as well as file version control. Crowdsourcing allowed us to tap into the collective wisdom of many golfers, leading to a final version that is far better than what any one of us could produce individually.
It was a fascinating experience.

If you would like to join the crowdsource team effort and see what it is all about, the next book slated for publication is “Play Strategic Golf: Game Management.” It is the second book in the Play Strategic Golf series. You have to register by putting your name and email in the sign-up box. Click on the Game Management link to sign up.Thanks for your support and thanks in advance for you comments.

Eric Jones
NorCal PGA Teacher of the Year
2-time World Long Drive Champion


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