You’ll take 2 TO 6 SHOTS OFF YOUR SCORES guaranteed, because with my Scoring Club Training Program, you’ll know EXACTLY how far you hit every one of your scoring wedges.

Watch this video. It’s actually one of the training videos from inside the program.


More About The Scoring Clubs Training Program

That video should answer any questions you have about why scoring wedges are so important to your scores and how to hit these critical shots. Plus it gives you a sample of what the actual course will be like when you take it.

Here’s something else I’d like you to consider: From 100 yards the average golfer will miss the green 50% of the time. Contrast that to the typical PGA Tour player who would be disappointed to be outside 15 feet.

There’s a HUGE gulf between PGA Tour pro and amateur golfer skill level.

The impact on your game is bigger than driving distance. Bigger than putting.

In fact, it is one of the biggest differences in scoring between Tour level players and amateurs.

And almost nobody talks about it.


But here’s the good news.


The reason Pros are so much better than amateurs at scoring wedges is that they practice their wedges until they know exactly how far they hit those clubs. They know what to practice and how to track their distances when they do.

Yes, they chart their yardages – when they practice and when they play.

Precisely. To the yard.

Amateurs don’t.

Until now.

Upgrade Your Game

I want you to start hitting more of your scoring shots like the pros. It’s easier than you think.

I’ll show you how to develop Tour-level knowledge about how far you hit your scoring clubs, and how to train to master your yardages.

That’s what this training course is about.

There’s not much more I can say that isn’t in the video, except you should just order the course. It’s a lot cheaper than learning this from me through private lessons or attending one of my clinics. Getting the course would save you anywhere from $150.00 to $300.00 dollars.
Plus if you were a coaching student I’d ask you to work on your full- and 3/4-wedges exactly as you saw in the video.

Even if you ARE a student I’d STILL advise you to get the course, because I wouldn’t have to explain all the concepts and methodology in the course. We could just work on the calibration, and you’d get a lot better a lot faster.

Learning how to nail your shots from 100 yards and in will transform your game.

If I had time and space I’d like to tell you my whole story

But the short version is that because I hit the ball so darned far I have a lot of wedges into the green. And because I am so good with my scoring wedges I consistently shoot par or better.
I consider my scoring wedge game to be my biggest strength. Yes, I am a long driver and I hit my drives a lot farther than most amateur golfers.

But I am better with my wedges than I am with my driver.

If I couldn’t hit my wedges close to the pin I couldn’t score.

And believe me, when I have a chance to score I need to capitalize, because some of my long drives wind up in unrecognized parts of the golf course.

So I’ve worked hard on my wedges.

When I was coaching at Stanford I developed a clock-based methodology I could use with my JV team. We worked on the clock system two of every three practices. My guys could tell you their swing within a minute what their swing length was, and several of them went on to play for the Stanford team that captured the NCAA Championship.

The moral is that until you ran into me nobody’s probably told you how important scoring wedges are.

You need to know – to the yard – how far you hit your wedges. And which direction.

Tell me the truth …

If I were to ask you how far you hit your sand wedge, would your answer include any of these words: “about”, “around”, “between”, “somewhere”, “usually”, or some sort of equivalent?

If so, then you truly don’t know your wedge distances.

If you were to ask one of my JV team players how far they hit their sand wedges they’d tell you “102 yard carry, 2 yards right.”

They would have been able to tell you exactly how far they carry their shot, and where they tend to push or pull the ball.

And then they use their knowledge on the course.

My point is (again) that you should get the course and use the methodology. It will help your game and your scores.

Here’s how the training program is organized:

The program is broken down into two modules:


Module 1: Concepts

  • What to do and why
  • The more you understand the rationale behind each technique, the better you will be at executing them

Module 2: Applied

  • How to do it step by step
  • This is where we apply what you learned in Module 1 on the golf course.
The result?

By the end of the program, you’ll know the EXACT yardage for every single one of your wedges!

This will take the guesswork out of your game…

Nothing is more disappointing than hitting a fantastic drive… only to mess it up by dumping your wedge into the trap and walking away with a bogie.

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But Wait, There’s More

Scoring Clubs Worksheet


You’ll also get a scoring clubs worksheet to track your progress.See how much (and how fast!) you’re improving. At the end of the course, you can be confident knowing you’ll land every shot where you want it to land.


Here’s the deal…

I don’t want this to slip through your fingers for any reason.

Which is why I am offering you everything above for a steal.

You get…

  • Two DVDs of Scoring Club Training Program
  • Scoring Club Worksheet

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That’s 60% off the price of attending my Scoring Clubs clinics, and hundreds of dollars less than it would cost you through private lessons.

Plus, the training program works. I’ve done this so many times, with so many students starting with the days I was coaching at Stanford, that the program is

Backed By My 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!


I’m so positive that your game will improve that I am standing behind everything with this promise…

Take 60 days to test drive the program. Watch the videos and do the drills. If, after those 60 days, your game has not improved, just let me know and I’ll arrange for a full 100% refund.

No questions asked. No fine print. No hoops to jump through. Just a written-in-stone promise—you don’t get better, you don’t pay. Simple as that.

That’s how confident I am this package delivers the goods!

Place your secure order below. You’ll be taken to the “Begin Better Golf” website where you can finish your order. Begin Better Golf is a publishing company that handles my training programs, and provides customer support when needed.

Scoring Clubs 2-DVDsThe package will be rushed to you. When it arrives, watch the videos in order. Take a little time and practice what you learn in Module 1.

Then play a round at your local course. If what you discover on these videos doesn’t improve your game… even a little… and put a smile on your face… then send them back for a full refund.

The thing is I know these videos will improve your skill level at one of the most important shots in golf – your approach wedges. This is one of the skills that separates the Pros from amateurs. Learn how to his these shots like the Pro’s and I promise you will start posting lower scores.

And there’s no rush. Take 60 days to test everything out at your own pace.

Now you’ve got a simple choice to make. So this is it.

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