Peak Performance Workshop

I believe “There is a better way …”

There’s a better way for golfers to learn how to play great golf
There’s a better way for instructors to teach
There are more important skills than just mechanics that lead to better play, and you need to know about them;

Because I believe, like you do, that “good enough … isn’t

My mission is to find these better ways and share them with golfers.

How I do that is by taking complex ideas and simplifying them. Because if ideas are simple they are understandable.
And if they are understandable, they are actionable.
And it is only through action that information is turned into knowledge.

Armed with the right knowledge, you can take your game anywhere

My golf training programs are simple yet effective.
Understandable and actionable.
Results oriented.
They move you from information to knowledge to wisdom.
You achieve breakthroughs.

It’s a different kind of instruction, for a different kind of result.

Innovative Instruction. Breakthrough Results.