Junior Golf Summer Camp Highlight Reel

This is a fun highlight reel of our junior golf summer camp.

Here’s a highlight reel from our 2015 junior golf summer camp. The juniors all had a great time. Not only did they learn solid fundamentals (look at their finish positions and how well they control their club on the pitching clip) they had an absolute blast with games and competitions. We set up our own mini-Olympics and did time trials. We taught them putting, chipping, pitching, half-swings (L-to-L), and full swing with driver and hybrids. On Wednesday we had “water day” with balloon toss and capture-the-flag. Every day we had a Word of the Day like sportsmanship, respect, perseverance, honesty, and confidence. Kids got to vote on the daily winner. On Friday we put it all together and went out on the golf course to play real golf.

junior_summer_camp_pitching_finishKeep the Eric Jones Golf Academy and Redwood Canyon golf course in mind next year when planning your junior’s summer activities.

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