Golf in the Kingdom with Michael Murphy

golf in the kingdom book cover wikipediaCome meet Michael Murphy – the man behind Golf in the Kingdom – play a little mystical golf, learn about the confluence of sports, energy, and consciousness, and support Junior Giants baseball. Peacock Gap Sept 29th. It will be a unique experience. And isn’t having a unique experience what golf is all about? Click Golf in the Kingdom Marathon.

If you are not familiar with Golf in the Kingdom it is the story of a man who had a life-altering golf experience with a magical Scottish golf professional. But that is just the story.

What the book is about is the other side of golf. The creative, intuitive, non-mechanical, magical, mystical side of golf. The side that doesn’t get enough attention but should, because it is the side that creates the memories that stay with us a lifetime.

Here is a passage from Golf in the Kingdom:
“All skill involves a certain measure of spontaneity and unconscious functioning: no one can create beauty, be it in a work of art or on a golfing links, unless he has both disciplined control and the ability to let go to the sudden glimmer. Every shot has a conscious component and an unconscious one, a voluntary control and one that is involuntary. To know how to strike the balance is the very essence of golfing skill. The greatest champions, while having grooved swings to envy, come up with surprises that astound us. They pull off the unbelievable shot in the midst of contingencies too numerous to calculate ever. One of the beauties of sport is the inspirational heart-stopping move that reminds us of possibilities yet unguessed. Inspiration and spontaneity must be given their place if any game is to be mastered and enjoyed. ‘There is a time for lettin’ the bottom drop out.” says Shivas Irons. “For forgettin’ yer score entirely, for forgettin’ yer mental tricks and devices, for just swingin’ any ol’ way ye please.'”

You are invited to an opportunity to learn about the other side of golf. To meet Michael Murphy himself. To maybe – if you can ‘ferget yer score entirely’ –  have one of those unique experiences for yourself. Click Golf in the Kingdom to register. I’ll be there.

Download the Golf in the Kingdom brochure brochure.

michael murphy and stephen cohen
Michael Murphy and Shivas Irons Society founder Stephen Cohen

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