SUNDAY SCHOOL at Redwood Canyon

Golfers who are committed to improving their game should join our Sunday School program. It’s a 2-hour session from 10:00-12:00 where you rotate with a small group through three stations with instruction. We’ll refine your technique, set and measure performance goals, and teach you new skills.

scoring strategic questions game triangleSunday School is a Coaching Program. That means we want to improve your entire game in addition to your golf swing.

In Sunday School you’ll often hear discussions about course navigation strategies, game management, and mental toughness skills: what we call the Scoring Triangle. Getting the ball in the hole is about more than the golf swing: it’s about thinking smarter, making better decisions, understanding your capabilities (and limitations), and committing to your decisions. These are discussions you won’t get in a traditional lesson setting, yet they often have a bigger impact on your results than a swing change.

Sunday School will help you get better at all of these skills.

We also work on progressive skill acquisition. That means we assess your current skill level in a variety of key shot areas. Then we set performance goals. Then we create golfer-specific training schedules. Our job as your Coach is to help you achieve your goals.

Level-up Performance GraphThe whole concept behind progressive skill acquisition is that it takes time to learn new skills (which is best done under the eye of a Pro), then it takes time and repetition to turn the new skill into a habit. Then it takes training to make the skill automatic. Automaticity is the ultimate end goal of any skill. Skills that are automatic are reliable and hold up under pressure. They are the key to consistency.

Sunday School is the ultimate in flexibility. Although the school meets every Sunday you can schedule your sessions at your convenience. Come as often or as little as you’d like. You do, however, have to commit to attend at least three sessions in your first three months. Each session is just $89.00.

Click here to register for Sunday School.

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