CLINICS at Redwood Canyon

It’s no secret that in order to improve you have to practice. But not everybody knows what to practice or even if they are using the right technique.

That’s why we’ve set up a series of low-cost clinics that address the most important shots in golf. Click the link to register for a CLINIC.

Coach 15Clinics are for small groups of three to six golfers. They are usually Saturday mornings and run for an hour. Cost is usually $25.00.

Clinics are designed for new to intermediate level golfers. We cover the fundamentals to make sure you have the right grip, stance, posture, alignment, and set-up. Then we cover the swing essentials and provide plenty of practice time. Once you know how to make the basic shot we’ll even give you a series of drills and exercises to use in practice after the clinic.

Our most popular clinics are the Putting Clinic and the Chipping Clinic. That’s because they are the easiest strokes to learn, and gaining some degree of mastery around the greens is the quickest way to lower your scores. If you’ve taken a Get Golf Ready series these clinics are the next logical step.

Since the clinics focus on just one part of the game we’ve designed a series of clinics. You can also contact us to set up a clinic for your own group. Here’s what we cover:

  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Driving
  • Pitching
  • Scoring Wedges
  • Iron Approach Shots
  • Hybrids and Fairway Metals
  • Bunkers
  • Half-shots and 3/4-shots

Contact Andy Morris at or register online for a Clinic.



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