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The best golfers in the world are also the best strategists. What they do better than everybody else is get the ball in the hole faster. And isn’t that the objective of the game?

If you want to score you need to learn to do what scorers do.

Jack Nicklaus, of course, is regarded as one of the best strategists to ever play the game. Nicklaus said “There is an ideal route for every golf hole ever built. The more precisely you can identify it, the greater your chances for success.”

That’s why I am excited to announce the publication of my latest book on course strategy: Play Strategic Golf: Course Navigation. It’s available on Kindle now.strategic-golf-courseNav-350

Course Navigation breaks down the critical principles of course management to give you a strategic edge. It will show you how to look at your entire tee-to-green game. It will help you identify the key features of a hole, and give you an understanding of how the hole dictates strategy. You’ll understand why it is so important to play to your strengths, as well as when to take risks and when to avoid them.

Mastering golf means going beyond mere swing mechanics. It means learning how to play the golf course. Course Navigation describes with simplicity and clarity what you should do and how to do it. You’ll know why it is so important to position your ball in the right spots, and how to calculate the best angles to not only score better, but to avoid blow-up holes.
You can read the book in less than an hour. But the benefits of playing smarter will last your entire golfing career.

Filled with practical examples, illustrations and anecdotes Course Navigation will give you the solid strategic foundation every player needs for a consistent golf game. 04-golf-hole-illustrations-2-kindle

You’ll see the course in a new way. You’ll look at green complexes with new understanding. You’ll recognize how features like bunkers, trees, water, mounds, swales, slopes, and rough are used to defend the hole against your attack, and you’ll know how to handle them. You’ll approach your shots and your strategy with more confidence.

You’ll learn:
• Why the strategy for your current shot should be to make the next shot easier, and how it makes your entire round more fun;
• How playing the hole backwards helps you identify the best angles, landing areas, and club selection to maximize your scoring opportunities;
• Which pins to attack, and when the middle of the green is the best option;
• How to identify the natural path of a hole, including the defenses and soft spots, so that you can always play from a position of strength;
• Why picking specific targets will help you select the right club more often and allow you to swing away with confidence;
• Strategy from a Hall of Fame baseball pitcher to deal with the toughest holes on the course.

Get your copy of Play Strategic Golf today on Kindle. Start playing smarter golf in an hour.

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